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About Global Missions

RP Global Missions Board


The Board aims to establish biblical churches comprised of God’s people who confess saving faith in Jesus Christ as their only hope in this life and the life to come, and who commit themselves to love and serve him faithfully as the scriptures direct. In considering requests for developing new missions, the Board will show preference to situations in which members of the RPCNA are, or will be available as, field workers.

This work shall be pursued in accordance with the Constitution of the RPCNA, in accordance with its Synod, and in close cooperation with its presbyteries and congregations. The doctrine and ecclesiology contained in the denominational standards shall govern this Board, as to the missionaries it appoints, and to congregations that are formed under its auspices.



The RP Global Mission Board shall be comprised of the following persons:

  • Three Teaching Elders
  • Three Ruling Elders
  • Two Persons appointed by the Women's Synodical
  • Two Ex-Officio members:
    •     Executive Secretary
    •     Denominational Treasurer



The RP Global Missions board of the RPCNA is appointed by the Synod for the purpose of encouraging and promoting the health, growth and multiplication of Reformed Presbyterian Churches by establishing vigorous and truly biblical, indigenous churches in other lands, especially where RPCNA presbyteries do not have jurisdiction.

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