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The Work of RP Global Missions

  • RP Missions - Short-term Efforts
    RP Missions operates as the short-term mission agency of the RP Global Board. This agency specializes in short-term and intermediate-term (3 months to 3 year) efforts for young people, adults, families, and congregations both domestically and abroad.
  • Cush4Christ
    Cush4Christ serves RP Global Missions in the Republic of South Sudan. This mission team labors to plant churches, train men for ministry and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the region.
  • Cush4Christ Monthly Prayer Items
    Become a praying partner in the work underway in South Sudan. The team makes a monthly prayer list available at the beginning of each month. Thank you!
  • Japan Presbytery
    Learn more about the way Christ is building His church in Japan. The Japan Presbytery is a testimony to God's faithfulness in taking missionary efforts and fashioning an entire Presbytery over the span of more than 50 years.

Learn More About the RPCNA

  • RPCNA Denominational Website
    This is the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America's website.
  • RP Church Planting Efforts
    Site dedicated to the work of the Home Mission Board of the RPCNA and its efforts to plant churches in North America.
  • Reformed Presbyterian Thelogical Seminary
    The Seminary of the RPCNA and the fifth oldest Seminary in North America. It is committed to the inerrancy of Scripture and continues to uphold the Westminster Standards after 200 years of God granted ministry.
  • Crown & Covenant Publications
    The publishing arm of the denomination. If you have a passion for solid biblical books and study materials, if you have a love for God's Psalms, check out Crown and Covenant Publications!
  • RP Historical Archives
    Learn more about this denomination with a strong commitment to the work of Missions by reading articles, reports and biographies of the laborers of the RPCNA.

Travel Tips

  • Compare Airfares
    Find the best rates available by comparing all the major airlines in one stop.
  • Need a Passport?
    If you are merely traveling north or south of the US border, or if you are traveling a bit further afield, you will need to possess a valid Passport. This site will help you to attain the proper paperwork to apply for or renew your passport.
  • Do I need inoculations?
    The Centers for Disease Control offer many helpful suggestions for those traveling internationally. Just look up the country or area you plan to travel and identify those inoculations either needed or suggested for all that are traveling to that location.
  • Understanding Airport Security
    With new security features and ever changing rules and regulations, check out the TSA's site to better prepare for your airport experience.
  • State Department Travel Tips
    The State Department can also offer some helpful insights into your international travel. Click here to get some helpful travel tips.
  • Insurance for Travel
    Insurance can be an often overlooked aspect of your international travel. Don't be caught unprepared or without coverage as many personal health insurance plans do not cover many of the costs associated with medical needs overseas.
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