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Reformed literature in high demand in Pakistan

AUGUST 9, 2014

Reformed Literature in Urdu

There is a famine of Reformed literature in the language of Urdu, a dominant language in Pakistan and spoken by more than 60 million around the world. Reformed Presbyterian Ministries in Pakistan (RPMP) has now published multiple resources including The Children’s Catechism, The Shorter Catechism, plus works by Dr. Eliah Massey including The Bible And Mary: An Analytic Review of Mariology, Biblical Interpreter And Interpretation, and Reforming The Pulpit.

For eight years Eliah has carried these materials with him as he conducts discipleship and pastors seminars in multiple cities and villages in northwest Pakistan. Demand for published RPMP literature continues to grow rapidly.

The Lord is placing a desire in the many hearts to study the Scriptures and to understand the Reformed faith, Presbyterian church government, and the regulative principle of worship. We believe the Lord is reforming His churches in Pakistan, and many are seeking to live in obedience to God’s Word.